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Covid-19 Information for Primary Care Workforce

Introduction – Workforce Cell

Nationally, Public Health England are undertaking an inquiry into mounting evidence that Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) communities and men, particularly those in the higher age brackets (aged over 55) may be disproportionately impacted on by COVID. Pregnant women, at whatever stage of pregnancy, are also considered a higher risk group.

NHS Employers have launched a framework for risk assessing staff – In our local Trusts and at the CCG we are now implementing risk assessments alongside comms and approaches to listen to staff in partnership with relevant networks and unions. 

We have taken a best practice approach and created the following template to aid conversations with staff and are making this available for any provider to use if it is helpful as well as key links to NHS Employers guidance and advice.

To access the template for risk assessing staff, please click here

 Not only are we dealing with rapidly changing information, it is vital that we all look after our own health and wellbeing.  Therefore a number of additional information pages have been added to the portal for your information.  Briefly these are

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RCGP Covid-19 Information

The response to the Covid-19 pandemic means we are dealing with rapidly changing circumstances please see the links below for up to date information

COVID-19 (coronavirus)

Latest COVID-19 updates

Top 10 tips for COVID-19 telephone consultations

Clinical management in primary care

NHS England

Coronavirus - Primary Care


Best Practice

Public Health England

COVID-19: interim guidance for primary care

COVID-19 Resource Hub

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak is arguably one of the greatest public health challenges of our time – not least for general practice, where over 1 million patients are already treated every day. The COVID-19 Resource Hub has been created to support GPs in understanding and managing this pandemic, with topics ranging from diagnosis to keeping your practice safe. This hub will be updated daily with the latest developments and guidance.

Clinical management in primary care

Emotional Wellbeing

Self-care is really important!  We all remember to put fuel into the car, make sure we have an income into our bank account, but many of us ignore our Health Account.  We continually take out, and forget to put in. What we forget is that if we keep taking out, sooner or later the Health Account becomes seriously overdrawn, and we become unwell.   

Please try and avoid this!! 

Covid -19 An emotional and psychological survival guide

Some simple tips on how we can stay well and support each other can be read here. This material is developed from the Red Whale Mental Health course and from the linked podcast

IAPT SilverCloud, your space for thinking and feeling better

A local service for employees SilverCloud offers secure, immediate access to online supported CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) programmes, tailored to your specific needs, read more here

Action for Happiness – How to respond constructively

There will be difficult times ahead, but this crisis also has the potential to bring out the best in human nature and remind us all how interconnected we are. At Action for Happiness, everything is evidence-based, asset-focused and action-orientated.

Download the Action for Happiness app for iOS & Android

Feeling Good:  Positive mindset app to help overcome stress, low mood and worry.

Positive Mental Training, to help you build essential skills, not only to deal with mental stresses and strains, but to bounce forwards and become mentally stronger and more resilient to stress.

Find more information here

Inner Balance for an Effective Life for Health Professionals 

Download the free booklet and browse, and remember to award yourself CPD credits for personal study on this important topic!                                                                                            

Wellbeing Advice for Employees

Created by our local Public Health team this provides you with links to the most up to date advice, please read here

HEE COVID-19 e-learning programme

Health Education England e-Learning for Healthcare (HEE e-LfH) has created an e-learning programme in response to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) global pandemic that is free to access.  The programme includes key materials to help the health and care workforce respond to Coronavirus.


Training Portal

Last updated: 07/10/2021