Vasectomy - Non Scalpel - Community Sugery

What is the service?

The service will provide a quality and safe primarily no-scalpel technique vasectomy under local anaesthetic, in accordance with the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologist guidelines, (RCOG), in a primary care setting to all consenting adult males who request it, and are registered with a General Practitioner (GP) within NHS Nene & Corby CCGs.

The vasectomy service shall not be confused with (and sits outside of) essential and additional General Medical Services (GMS) or Personal Medical Services (PMS) already provided by primary care medical.

Eligibility and Exclusion

Referrals will be accepted from:

  • GP’s
  • Genito Urinary Medicine (GUM) Clinics
  • Contraception and Sexual Health (CASH)
  • Any other relevant agencies/clinicians Surgery should be delayed if the following conditions are present:
    • Scrotal skin infection
    • Active sexually transmitted disease
    • Balanitis Epididymitis
    • Orchitis

Contraindications to treatment include:-

  • Previous scrotal surgery
  • Hydrocele I varicocele
  • Inguinal hernia
  • Cryptorchidism
  • Gross obesity: BMI>35
  • Anticoagulant therapy
  • Coagulation disorders
  • Drug or alcohol misuse
  • Mental instability
  • A history of an allergy to local anaesthetic
  • A history of fainting easily
  • Patient refusal of local anaesthesia
  • Those deemed unsuitable for local anaesthetic

 Specialist referral with availability of general anaesthesia may be necessary if any of the above is present.

Exclusion Criteria

The CCGs will only commission bilateral vasectomy for male sterilisation in patients that meet the criteria as below and this has been documented by the referring or treating clinician.


  1. The patient is over 30years of age
  2. Their partner/spouse is not currently pregnant
  3. They understand the procedure should be considered irreversible
  4. The patient has been advised that the reversal would not be funded by the CCG
  5. They are able to have the procedure carried out under local anaesthetic

Men who do not meet criteria 1, 2, or 5 should be referred for prior approval. Treatments which are undertaken without prior approval will not be funded.

This service is currently being provided by the following practices:

  • Queensway Medical Centre
  • Woodsend Medical Centre
  • Danetre Medical Centre
  • The Parks Medical Centre

Last updated: 26 Feb 2019