Minor Surgery - Community Surgery

What is the service?

The aim of Community Minor Surgery service is to ensure that referrals do not go to hospital when they can be done in the community. It can apply to practices that are not currently signed up to the DES or those who feel that certain procedures are over and above those set in the DES see appendix 1 or the DES criteria.

Procedures covered

The procedures covered under this service are listed below:

  • Muscular Skeletal Injections: For Example:
    • Injection of steroid into the subacromial space
    • Tennis elbow
    • Golfer's elbow
    • Injection of steroid into knee joint or shoulder joint
    • Injection of carpal tunnel
    • Injections- elsewhere (incl. wrist, hip, finger/thumb, heel)
    • Injection trigger finger/thumb
  •  Aspirations: For Example:
    • Aspiration of bursa
    • Aspiration of ganglion
    • Joint aspiration alone without injection e.g. for haemarthrosis following trauma
    • Aspiration of breast cysts
    • Aspiration of epididymal cysts
    • Aspiration of hydrocele
  • Invasive procedures, including incisions and excisions: For Example:
    • Excision of mole causing   a significant clinical problem,   recurrent Infection, discharging etc
    • Benign   skin and subcutaneous   lesions   e.g. excision of skin cyst including sebaceous cyst
    • Incisions- perianal haematoma
    • Incision of abscess
    • Incision of boil
    • Excision lipoma
    • Removal/excision of Toenail
    • Nail ablation

Minor surgery (under local anaesthetic) that does not require secondary care expertise, and which the referring clinician believes can be treated by a General Practitioner with a Special Interest, including:

  • Trigger finger
  • Diagnostic proctoscopies

This service is currently being provided by the following practices:

  • Saxon Spires Surgery
  • The Parks Medical Centre
  • Abbey House Medical Practice
  • Woodsend Medical Centre

Last updated: 26 Feb 2019