Dental Services for people with special needs

Our dental team accepts referrals for patients who have special needs that make accessing dental treatment difficult. We do not provide an emergency service but please tell us if the referral is urgent.

This might include:

  • Physical difficulties
  • Behavioural issues including very nervous patients 
  • Complex medical problems
  • Very young patients

Making a referral

When making a referral, please tell us as much about the person as possible. This should include details of their medical history and who their Doctor is, why they are having problems accessing dental care and a short description of the current problem.

Please also let us know if the patient has specific communication needs, for example, easy read  appointment letters or translated information.

Referral checklist 

Remember to tell us:

  • The patients name, address and contact tel-ephone number
  • Their NHS number if you know it
  • Who you are and why you are making the referral
  • The patients medical history and what medi-cines they take
  • Their Doctor’s name and contact details
  • If the patient has specific mobility or commu-nication needs
  • If the patient may be exempt from charges

Where to send your referral

Dental Headquarters
1st Floor, Willowbrook Health Centre
Cottingham Road
NN17 2UR

01536 748044 

What we will do 

When you send your referral, we will contact the patient or their representative to arrange an assessment appointment. No treatment will be provided at this visit. Patients should bring information about their medical history including any medicines taken.

We will also need proof of any exemption from payment of NHS dental charges

We welcome parents or carers who may want to accompany the patient. For some procedures, for example, X rays, we may ask carers to remain in the waiting room.  

Transport to the clinics

We can help you arrange transport, please discuss this with our staff when an assessment appointment is arranged. We will normally offer an appointment nearest to the patient’s home address, unless the patient would prefer to go elsewhere.

We have clinics in:

  • Northampton
  • Wellingborough
  • Corby
  • Daventry (quarterly by arrangement)

Advice and Information Service

If you have any concerns or need advice about accessing NHS services in Northamptonshire, you can speak in confidence to the Advice and Information Service on 0800 587 0879.

If you require the document in any other format, for example large print, audio or in another language please contact the Communications Team on 01536 480377.


Last updated: 29 Oct 2018