Please find attached the amended All Northamptonshire DNACPR Policy Version 1.2 and DNACPR Form for distribution and communication across the CCG.

All Northamptonshire DNACPR Policy

The All Northamptonshire DNACPR Policy was fully ratified in May 2019 by NGH, KGH, NHFT, NHS Nene & Corby CCGs, Last Years of Life Board & the LMC.

Following consultation with NGH, KGH and NHFT it has been agreed for senior nurses that have been trained and are competent, to have delegated authority; to make decisions, endorse and document the decision regarding DNACPR. The All Northamptonshire DNACPR Policy has been amended to reflect this decision. The amendment is clearly stated in appendix 4 of the policy.

All Northamptonshire DNACPR Form

Audits on the completion of the DNACPR form, have shown poor compliance with the documentation of the decision making process, of a person who is deemed to lack capacity to participate in the discussion of DNACPR.

The All Northamptonshire DNACPR form has been amended to include the words ‘a legal requirement’ within the Capacity section of the form, to highlight that this section of the form is a legal requirement and must be fully completed.

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