Oximetry @Home

Oximetry @Home


Pulse Oximeters have been made available to all practices and cam be collected from the practices local hot hub.  Relevant documents can be accessed attached if needed.


Oximetry at Home SOP 08 10 21

Appendix A1 - Provider eg OOH Hot Hub etc Pathway to Oximetry @Home

Appendix B1 - GP Practice Oximetry @Home Pathway V5

Appendix B2 - Script A - Telephone Onboarding

Appendix B3 - Script B _ Telephone daily Call

Appendix B4 - Script C - Telephone Discharge Call

Appendix C1 - Northamptonshire CCG Oximetry at Home PIL V4

Appendix C2  - NCCG Oximetry Diary V4 2021 02 15

Appendix D1 - Routine Decontamination of reusable noninvasive equipment

Appendix F1 - Oximetry at Home Pathway Care Homes

Appendix F2 - NCCG Care Home Oximetry at Home Leaflet V1

Appendix F3 - NCCG Oximetry Diary Care Home Version V2 2021 02 15

Appendix F4 - COVID Oximetry home clinical competency guidance 3

Appendix G1 - Weekly Data Collection


Data returns are required on a weekly basis for submission to NHS Digital.  Reporting periods are Tuesday to Monday inclusive and must reach the CCG no later than 1pm on a Tuesday.

Below is a link to a video “ How to take a Pulse Oximeter Reading”
It is aimed at Care Homes but may be a useful tool for patients

Last updated: 08/10/2021