Safe Surgeries Initiative - Doctors of the World

We would like to encourage all practices to sign up to the safe surgeries toolkit an initiative developed by Doctors of the World.

Safe Surgeries is a network of GP practices committed to tackling barriers preventing access to primary care, and to promoting the health of everyone in their community – regardless of their nationality or immigration status. This could include pregnant women, survivors of trafficking and people who have fled war.

The Toolkit is a guidance document that lays out seven steps for practices to help ensure that everyone in their community can access the healthcare they’re entitled to. It helps practices promote the fact they champion making access to healthcare easy for all.

The Safe Surgeries seven key steps to make their services more accessible are:

  1. Safe Surgeries don’t refuse to register patients who do not provide proof of address documentation
  2. They don’t insist on proof of identification
  3. They never ask to see a visa or proof of immigration status
  4. Both clinical and non-clinical staff do what they can to reassure patients that their personal information is safe
  5. They use an interpreter, if needed
  6. They display posters to reassure patients that the surgery is a safe space
  7. They empower frontline staff with training and an inclusive registration policy.

For more information on the initiative and to register as a Safe Surgery please visit: Safe Surgeries Initiative - Doctors of the World