Resources to support spreading the clean air message to patients

This has been shared by Katrina Davies, a clean air champion. The resources will enable GPs to share info on what people can to do reduce their contribution to and exposure from harms of air pollution.

If you read the email from Malcolm White below and the Word attachment first, it shows how each of these resources can be used on social media/ accurx etc. We thought you may find it useful to use for discussion with your patients who are most vulnerable to the effects of air pollution- not just asthmatics/ COPD but also diabetics, those with heart disease, pregnant, antenatal checks and more.


Dear Colleagues, (You have been blind copied into this email)

I'm delighted to share with you your digital resources pack! It has an accompanying document with guidance on how to use the different images in different settings, as well as text to use in social media posts, on your website, in text messages, and more! They could also be useful for programs you use such as E-Consult. Apologies for lots of attachments, but there's lots of good content for you to use!

The leaflet designs have been sent to the printing company with your practice addresses, and hopefully the paper leaflets will be with you soon, (if not already). The couple of practices who didn't wish for paper leaflets, this request has been respected.

I also enclose the electronic/PDF version of the leaflets that you can begin sending out to your patient groups. This is both the adult and child information leaflets, as well as the adult and child checklists.

This electronic version of the leaflets has colour boxes across the top of the files, these will not be present on the printed versions and are on the electronic version for the printing company.

I hope these resources will help greatly in spreading the clean air message to your patients! Make sure to send them to your colleagues and think over time about which ones are the most useful to you, as this will be valuable feedback. This email also is to remind you about the project and hopefully nudge you to share clean air messaging with your colleagues and patients.

One last item to consider: GAP's biggest day of the year is fast approaching - Clean Air Day - this year on June 16th. A truly national charity day with events happening across the UK to highlight the dangers of air pollution. It is worth thinking now what your practice may wish to do to get involved with this, perhaps by making this a focal point of time in your calendar?

Any questions with all the above, then please fire away.

Hoping that you are all well,



Dr Malcolm White - Clean Air Specialist