NGH Pathology - New user account requests

Dear Colleagues

Please see the below update on behalf of NGH Pathology Team:

'We are aware that many practices have experienced a delay when requesting new user accounts for ICE Pathology. Unfortunately, there are ongoing issues with staff shortages, for this we apologise. To try and mitigate this a new process is being implemented for requesting new user set up, the current email address is not routinely monitored and will become obsolete 01 September 2022.

All requests now need to be emailed to with the attached new user request form completed in full. Sending to this email address will automatically log your call and generate a reference number and your request can then be picked up and managed appropriately'.

Given the above information provided by the team at NGH we would advise that should you have any requests outstanding that you now log these via the new pathway, email with the attached new user form completed so that you receive a reference number, if requests are then not actioned in a timely manner the reference number can be quoted when calling the NGH service desk on 01604 235999 to escalate the logged call.

If further escalation is required you can contact us via the team email address quoting the reference number provided by NGH service desk including the date the request was first logged and attaching any email correspondence you have received from them.  We can only escalate the request if this information is provided to us.

Also attached, the GPIT contact list poster updated with the new details for NGH for your future reference.

Kind regards


GPIT - Northamptonshire