Medication out of stock and supply issues

DHSC and NHSE/I have now launched an online Medicines Supply Tool, which provides up to date information about medicine supply issues. The contents of this report can now be viewed on the Tool. To access the Tool you will be required to register with the SPS website.


Continence Product Supply Disruption

The production and shipping of medical grade silicone used to produce some catheters, sheaths and accessories including bags has been severely affected by the Covid 19 pandemic and is not expected to resolve until later this year.

Alternative choices of leg bags, indwelling and intermittent catheters are available by referring to the Continence Formulary (here) or by calling Northamptonshire Continence Advisory Service if a suitable option is not available 0300 0271360.

Dispensing Appliance Contractors can also be contacted to discuss alternative products available and can usually provide samples.