KGH 2ww Urology Update

Dear Primary Care,

With effect from January 2022 a new 2ww Urology pathway was implemented at KGH, the aims of this being to streamline the front-end of the pathway and reduce the number of hospital visits needed by each patient, thereby improving each patient’s experience of their management and care; and to confirm or rule out cancer earlier.

Now that this has been up and running for a few months we have noticed that some of the GPs are selecting

The incorrect service on e referrals. This is causing delays in the patient’s treatment and additional work for

Administration team who needs to look at each referral to determine that the proforma matches the appointment.



All 2ww referrals should be compliant with the 2ww pro forma and the Directory of Services

Each Urology pathway is linked to a specific clinic and pathway


The services on e referrals are self-explanatory

2 Week Wait Penile and Abnormal Scan

2 Week Wait Testes

2 Week Wait Hematuria

2 Week Wait Prostate


Don’t hesitate to contact me on 01536 492300 my working hours are Monday to Friday 08.00am to 16.00pm, alternately you can contact the appointment Centre on 01536 493300 Monday to Friday 08.30am to 17.30pm


With best regards

Lorraine Summers

Outpatients Coordinator