End of Life PRN Chart

For those of you who don’t know me, I’m a GP at Langham Place and recently finished a year long post-CCT fellowship in Palliative Care, working at Cynthia Spencer Hospice.

As part of this I worked on a pre-populated PRN chart for end of life medications, that clinicians can use if they wish. The specialist palliative care community nurses have started using it and are finding it a useful time-saver. The suggested medications are in line with the NHFT guidelines.

The chart is in electronic format as a word document, and is available both for SystmOne and EMIS. I will attach an example (it should prefill the patient demographics from the record but the drugs are standardised). This can then be altered as needed for the individual patient’s needs. The top box for subcut opioid only contains a reminder message, as the dosing and choice of drug is likely to be more variable.

Attached are the details for accessing it in EMIS and SystmOne, and the EMIS file required to import it.

This was developed to be used in conjunction with the palliative prescribing aid that already exists, particularly because in EMIS the functionality is different and the aid doesn’t produce a PRN chart in the same way as SystmOne.

Best wishes,