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COVID-19 Outpatient Reset and Recovery

Implementation of the Referral Assessment Service (RAS) on E-Referral

Please note

The Referral Assessment Service is a way to formalise clinical triage across Northamptonshire. Referrals will only be returned if:-

  • The patient is on an incorrect pathway
  • Incorrect or missing information is provided such as required tests
  • 2 week wait and correctional facility patients are not currently on the RAS system

Any returned referrals will be accompanied with a full rationale as to the reason.

Referrals aim to be triaged within 5 working days of receipt.

The triage process is constantly being refined with constructive feedback welcome.

Patient choice will not be affected by the RAS triage service.

Feedback on the service can be given via the GP concerns route on the Primary Care Portal

Further communications will follow any additional developments

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20th May 2020

Please read here changes to KGH's Phlebotomy Service

30 April 2020


24th April 2020

To read the latest service guide, please click here

9th April 2020

KGH Radiology Service
All walk in GP X-Ray work to cease: all appointments must be pre-booked
Further to the temporary closure of the Isebrook Hospital Radiology Department and the move of that activity to Nene Park last week as part of the Trust response to the Coronavirus pandemic, we are making further changes to the radiology service on the Kettering General Hospital site in order to safeguard essential services.
From Tuesday 14 April 2020 the current walk in service for GP x rays will cease.
All future radiology requests will be triaged by the Radiology department for urgency and appointments will be sent to patients requiring urgent investigation.  The appointment is likely to be at Nene Park, Irthlingborough or the x ray department at the Corby Urgent Care Centre. 
If the investigation is not urgent, the patient will be placed on a waiting list for review and the offer of an appropriate appointment when current restrictions are lifted.  Patients will be advised of this by letter and encouraged to contact their referrer if their symptoms get worse for a clinical review who may decide that there is a clinical need to increase the urgency of the request. The referrer can contact us using
Patients should be advised that the Radiology Department at the hospital will contact them, they do not need to contact the department or attend the hospital to arrange an appointment.
Referrers are asked to ensure that up to date telephone numbers are included with all referrals.  

Thank you for your continuing support in managing this situation.


8th April 2020

All endoscopy at KGH to cease except emergency work

In response to new British Society of Gastroenterology (BSG) guidance in response to Covid-19, the Trust has reviewed its approach to this service.

Endoscopy is an Aerosol Generating procedures and with its high frequency of tests undertaken the risk is far too high to both staff and patients coming through the unit.

All routine endoscopy and bowel screening activity has now ceased.  Patients referred for routine treatment will not be seen at the present time but their referrals will be vetting when they can be referred.

In respect of 2 week wait or urgent endoscopy, BSG advise that there is little evidence that a pause of 3 months will pose a significant risk to the great majority of 2WW/USC or BCSP patients, although it is accepted that a small number may have a delay in their diagnosis.  However a much larger number of patients and staff will be put at significant risk of COVID-19 if the 2WW/USC and BCSP is continued even at a scaled-down level.

On the basis of this guidance, KGH will stop with immediate effect all non-emergency endoscopy. 

We will review all 2ww cancer referrals and only advise on an individual basis the most appropriate course of action. Please consider any other investigation prior to referral.  ie FIT testing or CT imaging in the first instance prior to referral.

Any OGD’s will be limited to those where there is strong concern for malignancy i.e. true dysphagia. Other UGI symptoms should be treated pragmatically in the first instance. Ensure H Pylori testing has been done previously  and patient is on PPI etc.

This situation will be reviewed on a regular basis, taking account of BSG guidance and the national situation.

Thank you for your continuing support in managing this situation.


New updated edition of Pathology Handbook including information on coronavirus testing, read here

Changes to KGH provided ENT Services from Monday 1st April

As a consequence of our Coronavirus preparations it has been decided to cease the alternate weekend and on call service for ENT operated between KGH and NGH at weekends until further notice.

For the foreseeable future KGH will ensure a 24/7 ENT service is in operation at KGH main site.

This service change has been agreed between KGH, NGH and Milton Keynes Hospital and will reduce demand for interhospital transfers by ambulance at this critical time as well as having the  potential to release junior doctors to be deployed elsewhere should the Trust's response to the pandemic require this.

These arrangements are effective from today.

For advice or guidance from KGH ENT Consultants please telephone 07811 827827

To contact the SHO with an ENT referral please telephone 07811 829345

Changes to KGH provided Phlebotomy Services from Monday 23rd March: 

We will no longer be able to provide a walk in Phlebotomy Service at Rectory Road Clinic - instead patients can access the service at either Nene Park, Irthlingborough or Isebrook Hospital, Wellingborough. Both sites are open between 8 am and 3.30pm. (Other services provided at Rectory Road Clinic will not be affected.)

We will not be taking blood from patients referred by their GPs at KGH (Kettering General Hospital) - instead we are increasing the number of appointments at Kettering Borough Council and extending into the afternoon. This is an appointment only service and to make an appointment patients should ring  01536 535600. Appointments are available between 8am and 4.30pm Monday - Friday

Children's blood tests will only be available as a prebooked service - this ensures that we are able to direct children and their parents to the most suitable available location. Please telephone 01536 492694 to make an appointment for a child's blood test

These arrangements are intended to be temporary for the duration of the coronavirus response and will be reviewed on a regular basis.

KGH have introduced restricted visiting times across all wards. Visiting times are now 6pm - 8pm with a maximum of two visitors per patient. Patients are advised to discuss exceptional circumstances with ward staff. For the most up to date information please visit the KGH website here: 

Changes to KGH Andrology Services:

In the interests of patient safety and due to operational pressures we are suspending our Andrology services (both post vasectomy and infertility) during the current Coronavirus outbreak. We will be contacting all patients and advising them of the situation and will rebook appointments as soon as it is deemed appropriate to do so. I anticipate you may receive some enquiries as appointments are cancelled. Please reassure your patients that this will only be a temporary measure to reduce the risk to all. They will be contacted when we are able to offer appointments again. If you have any queries, please contact us on 01536 49 1758 or at

KGH have introduced restricted visiting times across all wards. Visiting times are now 6pm - 8pm with a maximum of two visitors per patient. Patients are advised to discuss exceptional circumstances with ward staff. For the most up to date information please visit the KGH website here: 

Last updated: 07/09/2020