GP Fellowship in Northamptonshire

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GP Fellowship in Northamptonshire

A 2 year funded programme of support, learning, networking and career development for newly qualified GPs in Northamptonshire


Any newly qualified GP (1 year or less post CCT),  working as a salaried GP or partner in Northamptonshire


Paid time to support the development of your GP career, and help manage the transition from trainee to fully fledged GP

  • Monthly mentoring session with an experienced GP
    • One to one, confidential support on whatever topics would help you thrive as GP - time management, managing challenging patients, managing challenging colleagues, work/life balance, career coaching, your first appraisal, how to manage complaints... 
  • Group sessions with other localnewlyqualifiedGPs facilitated by a GP coach
    • Creating local peer support networks - get to know other local newly qualified GPs, and support each other through what can be quite an isolating time.
  • Learning and Development
    • Practice management, leadership, teaching and education, quality improvement – all the things GP training didn’t teach you!
  • Portfolio working
    • Working across PCNs on projects chosen by you, to develop the skills that interest you most – clinical, educational and/or leadership. Develop a portfolio career and discover what further opportunities there are within primary care.


Practices are reimbursed £7200 per FTE (9 session) GP Fellow, to release them for 1 session a week to take part in Fellowship activities (mentoring, coaching, peer support, learning and development and portfolio working).  Our recommendation that this session is in addition to rather than instead of their clinical sessions for the majority of GP Fellows who will not be working 9 sessions a week, and that practices allow Fellows to use this time flexibly to enable them to make the most of the opportunities available to them .

The funding is for 1 session (4h 10mins) per week for a FTE (37.5h) fellow.  The funding and the fellowship working time will be adjusted pro-rata. Practices will be re-imbursed £7200 per FTE GP fellow. The fellowship is a 2-year programme.


  • For the GP Fellow – paid time to engage in support, learning and career developing opportunities during this particularly challenging transition time in their career
  • For the GP Surgery – encourage recruitment of newly qualified GPs into substantive positions, and gain the benefits of having the Northamptonshire Training Hub providing funded support and training of their GP Fellow.
  • For the PCN – encourage recruitment and retention of newly qualified GPs in your area, and have GP Fellows funded to engage in projects in your PCN.

What next?

There is no application or selection process.   If you are within 1 year of CCT, and have accepted a salaried or partnership GP role in Northamptonshire, then you are eligible for a GP Fellowship.  Once you have discussed this with your practice, please contact us at

Any questions?

Please feel free to contact us with any questions  and we look forward to working with you to create a Fellowship Programme in Northamptonshire.


Victoria Morrell

Clinical Lead for GP Fellowship Northamptonshire




Last updated: 02/06/2021