Education and Workforce

In this section of the Primary Care Portal you will find details of some of the education and training opportunities available to practice staff. 

The Education Events Calendar covers Protected Learning Time, LMC training and any other training which practices may find useful.

The Education Resource Centre contains details of individuals and organisations who can visit practices or practice clusters on in-house PLT afternoons to talk about their work.  An overview of what each can offer, along with full contact details, is included so practices can arrange direct with the service.

PLT Presentations – this is where you will find pdfs of PLT presentations which have been made available for dissemination.

Dear all,

Please find here copy of the Agenda for the April 2021 PLT, which is themed around Frailty.

Please note this is being hosted on Microsoft Teams, and the link is included as a short code, as well as a QR Code. Like the last online PLT interactivity is being provided via Mentimeter.

For this particular PLT event we have also invited Community Care, EMAS and Secondary Care.

It is a long session, and it is being recorded if you are not available on the day.

Kind regards,



Last updated: 26/10/2021