Clinical Pathways

Hot and Cold Clinics

The Primary Care Cell wrote to practices on Friday (03.04.2020) to provide an update on the progress with ‘hot sites’ and will continue to do so as these are developed in the coming days.  In order to apply some consistency within these sites and support General Practice with the management of suspected COVID-19 cases and the referral route in to hot sites, the attached Community COVID Clinical Pathway has been developed (adult only).  This has been based on the Barnet and North West London CCG pathways and NICE/CEBM guidance.  Views have been sought from the 16 county Clinical Directors, other GP colleagues and Northampton General Hospital (NGH) and Kettering General Hospital (KGH) Consultant’s in A+E, Respiratory, and Microbiology in addition to the Medical Director for KGH. 

The clinical system templates for both EMIS and SystmOne are also being developed and an Under 12 Community COVID Clinical Pathway is to be confirmed shortly.

Please note the Home Visiting Service will continue to operate for patients who are unable to travel.

Whilst the pathway for clinical management of suspected cases can be used immediately, when they are confirmed as live please refer to your local hot site for details on how to refer in patients who you have assessed as needing a face to face assessment as this will vary across the county in terms of contact details/ appointment booking and go live dates.

To read the clinical pathway please click here

We would like to thank Dr Catherine Massey, Dr Joe Robson and Dr Jonathan Cox and all the other clinicians involved for their hard work in developing this local pathway.

The Primary Care Cell will work with Medicines Management to provide some further advice regarding the availability of levofloxacin.

Last updated: 03/09/2020